Welcome to my world. I live in Maine with my husband (and 2 cats) in the same house where we raised our children. We’re surrounded by Mother nature’s beauty and her four extremely different seasons. I enjoy the uniqueness of each one, but my  favorites are the heat and colors of summer and the heat (wood fire) and crispness of a snow white winter. I have fun in my “neighborhood” where I find lots to write about: walking, kayaking, snowshoeing and making snow people. My camera is always in my pocket unless it slips out into the ocean! 

   Our house has always been brim full of kids-my own three and dozens of others! My own are grown now, but kids still come around! I’ve always been a story teller, thus, it seems second nature to want to write magical stories for children. And maybe you’ve guessed that many of my stories are sprinkled with colorful facts about the earth, sun, moon, clouds, animals, rivers, ocean, habitats-and dreams. And I’m forever wanting to know

the answers to questions-

Like what’s at the end of that rainbow?

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              MONA PEASE